What Is SecTerm?
SecTerm is the most secure internet environment in existence, and is the ultimate defense against malware.

SecTerm is a hardware security device, providing a small display screen on a PC keyboard, and running application software which communicates over the internet via the PC. SecTerm's internet traffic is cryptographically protected as it passes through the PC, defending it against malware residing on the PC. Malware cannot make its way onto SecTerm because SecTerm is a hardware security module.

Internet users are crying out for a remedy against the scourge of malware, and SecTerm at last delivers the peace-of-mind of true safety.

Applications include:
Online banking and other web accounts
3-D Secure web payments (including contactless NFC card emulation)
EMV chip card authentication
• Email
• US government CAC card
Bitcoin wallet
• Text editor

Introductory video:

PCs are designed to be open and to run any software, so by their nature PCs will always be vulnerable to malware. SecTerm achieves true information assurance by isolating sensitive data and tasks on a sterile platform.

A patent has been awarded for SecTerm's solution of running internet apps on a hardware security module as a PC peripheral (U.S., Australia).

SecTerm looks similar to this gaming keyboard:

Link to video of old SecTerm prototype (using Verifone terminal)

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+1 646 478 9497


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Henry Schwarz
President, SecTerm Inc.
Henry Schwarz

Henry Schwarz is founder and President of SecTerm, Inc.

Aside from SecTerm, Henry also serves as Software Projects Director for Triton, one of the world's most successful ATM manufacturers. In working with Triton since 1999, he has played a key technical and managerial role in the development and deployment of many thousands of ATMs.

Henry began developing terminals for electronic funds transfers at the retail point-of-sale in 1987, and for ten years he single-handedly developed the software running on payment terminals for many financial institutions, including American Express, First Data, National Australia Bank, Paymark New Zealand, Thai Military Bank, Cashcard Australia, Colonial State Bank, and Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation.

Henry's technical expertise includes cryptography, hardware security modules, financial transactions, telecommunications, and embedded systems. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and mathematics at Monash University (one of the Group of Eight, Australia's Ivy League universities). He is the inventor on two patents for securing banking terminals (ATM remote key load, SecTerm).

US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force
ATM Industry Association Security Forum
Standards Australia IT-5-4 Authentication and Security (authors of AS-2805 standards for electronic funds transfers)
US EMV Migration Forum

Link to Henry's ATM & EFT-POS security blog

Link to Henry's posts on Triton's ATMatom blog

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